What it is

At icertainti we check.  Like when you check your kids. Like when you see if you you turn the stove off. Like when you are on vacation.

How did we come to this? How did we start checkin?  Well when you have boats….like kids…it is really really comforting to see that everything is okay. Hence,  we started by checking boats, docks, moorings, bilge pumps, bilges waterlines, rope, anchors.  See our webpage a http://www.cheaptrawlers.wordpress.com

How did we get into the home car business?  A friend mine was hospitalized an ended up in a nursnging home.  What stood in the way  of her  and her freedom was there as no one there check-in on her. So we started checking people.  And after a while  we decided to start checkin for everyone.


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